Shopify CheatSheet / Cheat List II

Und weiter geht es mit eineigen Tips und Hinweisen zu Shopify developments:

To add calendar solution as 1 of variation: (just choose 1 day from calendar, to let HIS knows when is customer’s departure day)
Kommentar: Calendar Solution integrated via App/Plugin and code-changes in two files, configuration and language specific wordings as far as possible (sadly the calendar a.s.o. seems to be english, maybe a general language change on the template can fix that).
Nach der Integrations können weitere Tags unter „Eurer“ Shop-Domain einfach hinzugefügt werden: https://****

Vorsicht! Die Notification E-Mail („New Order“ Template) hat NICHT die Infos die Ihr hier integriert habt in der Anzeige, dass muss separat programmiert werden.

To add terms and condition (Is this default setting ?)
Kommentar: terms&conditions is integrated, but not standard sadly, but via the provided codes and instructions i was at least able to change/fix it. Translations/Text is sadly hardcoded

To create pop up window with link – Is this possible?
i could not find a working solution for PopUps, but why would you need them at all?

To add extra text field, customer has to add,